Hello everyone! We would like to welcome everyone who has made their way onto this blog because without you, we wouldn’t have such a loving and compassionate community that we are trying to manifest. Recover is undergoing a rebrand that we are extremely proud of, and cannot wait to share with you!

We want to provide not only high quality products, but also resources that will help you become better versions of yourself or help you attain loftier goals and aspirations. This year, it has been especially evident that we as humans can persevere through the darkest of times with the ability to adapt and keep a positive mindset. We hope to uplift and inspire you by providing you with things such as self-help books, Spotify playlists, mental-health blogs, and a realness that you can’t get from other companies.


Recover is beginning this blog series to highlight a wide range of people’s firsthand experiences with cannabis and/or CBD products in efforts to reduce the negative bias that others may have with the cannabis space. Cannabinoids help so many people’s ailments, but are chastised as being “the devil’s lettuce” through widespread propaganda and the War on Drugs in the USA. Although the stigma is slowly dissipating, there are millions of people nationwide that cannot access this medication because of legality issues, or that may struggle from being outcast by friends, family, and jobs for their cannabis use. We are here to say that you are not alone.

To kick off this series, we are going to start with the stories of our collaborators, David and Kaitlyn, who have both found their places in the cannabis community and are excited to start this project for you guys. We hope that we can have a positive impact on your life and make you feel more included, however you see fit. There is too much negativity in the world and we hope that we can be a beacon of light for those who need it.

We are also planning on reaching out to affiliates who we believe have stories that need to be shared, and want to give them a platform to be heard as well. This community has shown us that empathy, compassion, and positivity are key to mental and physical well-being, and we want to extend all of these things to the people who have supported us for so long. If you feel that you would like to share your cannabis journey as well, feel free to email kaitlyn@recoverbotanicals.com to be featured on our blog. We can’t wait to share this space with you!

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