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The first time you check out a CBD website (like ours!) you might be overwhelmed by all the terminology.

Hey, no worries. We got your back.

With this handy CBD glossary, you can peruse the world of CBD with a little guide to help you out.


You have receptors in your body called “cannabinoid receptors.” Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant that work with your cannabinoid receptors. CBD is one of 85 known cannabinoids. THC is probably the most well-known cannabinoid. Each cannabinoid has a unique effect on your body.


Taking CBD in food form. Edibles can include chocolates, gummies, and really, anything type of food. Edibles take slightly longer than other methods (like vaping or sublingual use) because it needs to pass through your digestive system first.

Full Spectrum CBD

There are two types of CBD that you’ll hear about- full spectrum and isolate. To keep it simple, think of full spectrum as “all cannabinoids found in the plant” while isolate means “just the CBD.” There are studies done that show full spectrum CBD can be more effective than CBD alone, which is why we also carry full spectrum CBD products. The other cannabinoids aid CBD in providing the desired result you’re taking CBD for.


A fibrous product that is commonly used to make rope and paper, along with other products. Hemp has no recreational value because it is derived from cannabis plants which don’t contain the psychoactive properties that are commonly sought after for in THC products. Industrial hemp, medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana are all members of the cannabis species. The difference lies in the cultivation techniques and THC levels. Medical and recreation marijuana typically see THC levels up to 25-30% while hemp varieties contain less than 1% (usually less than 0.3%.)


When you think of a CBD plant, remember that CBD is not the only cannabinoid that will be found in the plant. CBD isolate is when CBD is removed from all of the other cannabinoids found in the plant. Usually, CBD will be “full spectrum” meaning it will contain the other cannabinoids or “isolate” meaning just the CBD. For those that want solely the effects of CBD, go for CBD isolate products.


Shatter is a form of CBD isolate that looks like little rocks or glass. It’s usually infused with terpenes to give it flavor to customize your experience, giving you all the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive high. CBD shatter contains no THC. Most commonly, people use CBD shatter to vaporize in a dab rig or vape pen.


A form of CBD concentrate that you can break off and dab. Dabbing is a method of taking CBD where you heat the surface quickly and vaporize the CBD. The term “slab” is commonly used in place of “shatter.”


You might see recommendations that you take a CBD product ‘sublingually,’ usually an oil. This means that you take the dropper and place the CBD oil underneath your tongue. The CBD is then absorbed beneath the tongue and into the veins. You’ll feel the effects of sublingually taken CBD within 15 minutes.


Terpenes give plants, including cannabis, its flavors and smells. For example, when you smell a lemon, you recognize that citric flavor because you’re smelling the terpene “Limonene.” Terpenes are a way to customize your CBD experience because different terpenes give you flavors, aromas, and psychological experiences.


A tincture is when the CBD has been extracted from the plant through alcohol or glycerol. The CBD is then paired with a carrier oil to help you absorb the CBD, which is why you’ll often find the tinctures are made with coconut oil. Tinctures are usually taken under the tongue which absorbs into your veins. The effects are quick and felt within 15 minutes. Some people mix their tinctures into drinks or other food items although it will take longer to feel the effects this way.


A way of ingesting cannabis where you heat CBD infused oils and inhale it. You can usually buy a vaporizer with replaceable cartridges or one-time use “disposable CBD vape pens.”

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