Is CBD oil safe to consume?

You’re reading this post because you’ve heard about CBD oil, and you’re wondering if it’s truly safe to consume.

Truthfully, the answer is “yes” and “no”.

If the cannabis is grown properly, it’s safe. If it’s grown with harsh chemicals and pesticides, it is definitely not fit for consumption.

If there’s one flaw in the medical marijuana industry, it’s poor regulation. Many farmers aren’t bound to regulations, and they’re using unsafe pesticides to protect their hemp crops.

Recently, the California Department of Pesticides declared that many cannabis crops were contaminated with organophosphate pesticides (e.g. glyphosate). These pesticides can present danger to your health if consumed. Glyphosate, in particular, has been linked to cancer and tumors, and is incredibly unsafe for pregnant women.

Rachna Patel, a doctor who specializes in using cannabis to treat chronic conditions says, “There are two in particular you want to make sure the product is tested for… bifenazate and myclobutanil, which is otherwise known as Eagle 20”. Both these pesticides are dangerous when consumed orally.

Be Careful Buying CBD Oil

Does this mean you shouldn’t take CBD oil? No, not at all.

It simply means you must be very cautious of where you purchase your CBD.

The lack of regulations mean there are many CBD products on the market that haven’t been tested by third-party laboratories. Who knows what pesticides are within those products, and how dangerous they are to consume?

As Rachna Patel said, “When it’s an unregulated industry, anything goes”.

The benefits of cannabidiol can be outweighed by the dangers of pesticides when there’s a lack of testing.

The COBYDA Difference

The lack of third-party testing in the industry is a problem. When products are properly tested, not only is CBD extremely safe, it’s a highly effective natural supplement.

When we created COBYDA, our mission was to curate only the most trustworthy brands into one marketplace. Every product in our store has been fully examined by third-party labs.

That means…

No harmful contaminants. For example, a pesticide that is used to turn hemp into fiber is not fit for human consumption. Your CBD should also be free of any heavy metals and microbial contaminants.

The right amount of cannabinoids. Many brands claim to have a certain amount of cannabinoids, while actually carrying far less than what was promised on the label. All products on our site accurately contain the amount of cannabinoids as described on the label.

0.3% THC or less. One of the main reasons people prefer CBD is because it’s not psychoactive. However, many of these unvetted brands contain more than 0.3% of THC (the compound that causes the “high” effect), which can cause the cannabis to show up on a drug test. All products, as promised, contain 0.3% THC or less.

CBD is safe when you use products that are thoroughly tested. Don’t risk your health; buy from brands that take the extra step in quality control.  

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