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Summer is here, and with it come the warm-weather festivities we love and enjoy so much.

Fireworks will be common, and while adults and kids alike will enjoy its sounds and sights, the same can’t be said for your pets.

The explosive sound of fireworks has been known to startle and upset animals like dogs and cats. It causes a reaction of anxiety that can linger for days. Unfortunately, many pet owners are oblivious to this reaction, unintentionally leaving their pets in a distressed state.

During events like the 4th of July, there is a spike in the number of dogs that go missing. This is mostly due to the sound of fireworks. The problem is so severe that July has been designated as the Lost Pet Prevention Month.

The key is to reduce is to reduce your pet’s anxiety.

How CBD Oil Can Help Your Pets

Instead of resorting to medications that are heavy with side effects, opting for natural remedies can be the superior choice.

The good news is that CBD oil can perform splendidly with pets, as it can be very effective at mellowing the mood and state of mind.

While many of the reported benefits for pets using CBD are anecdotal, we believe they indicate that CBD can be a powerful alternative therapy for animals.

Humans have an endocannabinoid system(ECS)— an interconnected network of receptors that regulate many of our biological processes. When cannabinoids enter the body, they interact with these receptors, which is why anxiety is often mitigated when you take CBD.

Luckily, the ECS is not exclusive to humans; animals have it, too! Which is likely why the anecdotal evidence is indicating that animals can react very positively to CBD.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Fireworks Season

Keep them indoors. The sound of fireworks will startle your pet, and when that happens, they tend to go haywire and run off. Keeping them indoors will prevent their unwanted escape.

Be aware of any events. Fireworks are rampant during this time of year, so you should be prepared and be aware of what events are happening in your local area. Fireworks season is more than just Memorial Day and July 4th, so take some time and mark events that can potentially have fireworks.

Designate a safe space. Aside from keeping your pets indoors, it’ll be smart to set up a safe space. Perhaps find an isolated spot in a room and stock it with your pet’s favorite blankets and pillows. Or you could build a soundproof box or crate to allow them to escape the raucous sound of the fireworks.

Give them CBD. Before giving your pet CBD, consult with your vet. We find it’s best to start off with a small dosage to see how your pet reacts to the CBD. Increase the dosage slowly— increasing it week-by-week can work well. Pay close attention to how your pet behaves with when they take it, and reduce the dosage if you notice a negative reaction.

CBD can be the remedy your pet needs during the fireworks season. Remember that every animal is different, and if your pet is normally undisturbed by the sound of fireworks, many of these suggestions may not apply.

However, if you’re not sure how your pet reacts to fireworks, or if there has been a past negative experience during this time of year, try out the tips listed in this article. Your pet will love you for it.

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