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How to Best Consume CBD Hemp Flower

While many CBD users get their dosage through medicinal drops, there are other potent alternatives for consuming CBD. Consuming fresh CBD hemp flower is one of those alternatives, and it’s an awesome way to take CBD.

When consuming the actual hemp flower, understand that there are right and wrong ways to do it. Lighting a CBD hemp bud the wrong way can turn much of its medicinal value into ash, which is a waste of time and money.

In today’s post, we’re going to dive deep on why you should consume CBD from the hemp flower, and how you can use it properly to get the most value. Let’s dig in.

What is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD flower will look almost identical to that of marijuana. What’s the difference?

CBD is not psychoactive. Marijuana has THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid that gives you the sensation of being high.

While CBD flower and regular CBD oil will have many of the same benefits, there are some specific advantages to consuming the flower.

  • A strongerentourage effect. The entourage effect is the synergy ofcannabinoids and terpenes to create array of health benefits. Manyof the full-spectrum CBD oils you will find on the market will havethis entourage effect, but it may not be as strong as when youdirectly inhale from the hemp flower.
  • A bettersource. While other CBD products can be awesome, there is oftenmanipulation to the product done in a lab. When you consume the hempflower, you are consuming CBD the way nature intended.
  • You canvape it. While you can vape regular CBD oils, understand that thereis another carrier oil mixed in (MCT oil, coconut oil, etc.). Whenyou dry herb vape, you inhale nothing but pure CBD vapor. Many finddry herb vaping preferable.

What Is Dry Herb Vaping, Exactly?

Believe it or not, people have vaporized cannabis since ancient times—going back as far as 5th century BC Egypt. Modern vaporizers came to the scene in the 1990s, and vaping technology has only become more advanced from there.

Dry herb vaping is heating up cannabis flower to vaporize its trichomes and cannabinoids. This is an alternative to smoking it, which ignites cannabis via combustion. When you vape CBD instead of smoking it, you get less of the unwanted elements (carbon monoxide, benzene, burnt plant matter) and more of the good stuff (cannabinoids, terpenes).

For you to consume the CBD, you still need to inhale, but you’ll inhale far less contaminants than you would if you were to smoke it instead.

Now that we’ve explained why you should vape CBD as opposed to smoking it, let's discuss the most effective ways to vape it.

Choose the Right Vape for CBD Hemp Flower

To get the most out of your CBD, you need a high-quality vaporizer. We’ve compiled 3 of the best vaporizers in the market.

1. The Davinci IQ

The Davinci IQ is one of the most advanced vaporizers available. In its interior, you’ll find a zirconia air path, which allows the vapor to stay cool throughout the session. Inhale and you’ll notice intense, deep flavor; exhale and you’ll see a dense vapor.

The device is arguably one of the more intelligent vaporizers in the market. It has Smart Path Technology built into the machine, which starts off your session at a lower temperature and slowly increases it with time. The device comes with Bluetooth compatibility and an app, and you can control the Smart Path feature from your phone. You can also do other neat things, like see a graph of your usage rate.

The Davinci IQ has a replaceable battery, which many users find convenient. It’s a well-engineered vaporizer that’s currently sitting at a price of $275, and many will find its value to be worth the price.

2. Firefly 2

Featuring a unique convection system and an ergonomic design, the Firefly 2 is a great device to vaporize dry herb. Its convection system will heat your buds near-instantly, and it does it by only heating when your inhaling. This is also great because you won’t waste any vapor as you prepare for the next inhale. You can set the device’s temperature with your iPhone or Android.

The device’s body is made from magnesium alloy, which gives the device a smooth, sturdy feel. The vapor path is made from borosilicate glass, and none of the herb’s flavor is lost to the glass. When compared against other vaporizers in the market, there are few that provide such vapor production, taste, and practicality as the Firefly 2. Sitting at a price of $375, many will attest the device is worth its price tag.

3. Pax 3

If you’re new to vaping and want a simple, easy device that works perfectly, the Pax 3 is likely your best choice. Made from polished anodized aluminum, the Pax 3 is an elegant, discrete vaporizer that can easily fit in your pocket. For its heating chamber, it uses a conduction method. And while the conduction method doesn’t quite pack the flavor in like the convection method, but it does heat fairly quickly (15 seconds). It comes with different temperatures settings that you can select by connecting the device to your phone via Bluetooth.

The main benefit of the Pax 3 is its ease of use. Turn the vaporizer on by pressing the power button on center of the mouthpiece. Press and hold the center of the mouthpiece to access the temperature settings menu. From there, short pressing the power setting will allow you to select different temperature settings. Because it’s lip-sensitive, you won’t need to press button to inhale. If you’re not technologically savvy, or if you want a straightforward device that works well, the Pax 3 is a phenomenal choice. Priced at $199 for the basic kit or $249 for the complete kit, this device won’t hit your wallet too hard, either.


Consuming CBD flower can be one of the best ways to get maximum benefits from the cannabinoid. With perks like a full entourage effect, fast absorption into the bloodstream, and the exclusion of unnatural elements, using CBD flower can be a fantastic choice for you.

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