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Soothe CBD

soothe™ CBD is made organically, and according to all applicable USDA regulations. Their Hemp is produced and manufactured in the state of Kentucky with no pesticides. A CO2 extraction process provides ultra-pure CBD while keeping as many other cannabinoids present as possible offering the Entourage Effect.

Soothe believes everyone deserves peace of mind. Soothe seeks to inspire, cultivate creativity, and stimulate exploration. Soothe Aims to make a positive impacts in mental health awareness and the opioid epidemic while eliminating negative stigma associated with the hemp industry. Soothe proudly donates a portion of each sale to Mental Health Awareness.

What kind of products does Soothe CBD make?

Soothe Life CBD produces CBD oil tinctures, CBD vape pens, CBD gummies, CBD topical cream, and a CBD drink mix