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The Clear CBD

Founded by a group of chemists and scientists determined to find cleaner ways to consume cannabinoids, The Clear CBD is the original CBD concentrate company.

Their passion for cannabis inspired separation and purification of the plant material, which led to more purification and ultimately a perfect consumption experience. The Clear™ is the first and original distilled cannabinoid product, and it still remains the best and purest cannabis product.

In it’s raw form, The Clear distillate immediately gained favor throughout the community as the cleanest and most effective cannabis extract in the marketplace. With no taste or odor, the Clear™ represented a perfect opportunity to formulate a wide range of options so that everyone can enjoy the Clear™ in your own personal way.

The Clear™ makes all of their flavors and terpenes in house using only organic and kosher components. All of The Clear flavors and terpenes are steam distilled, organic, and naturally derived from the plants and fruits that they're enhanced with. All organic; the cleanest way to consume cannabinoids, and by far the best tasting in the world.