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Awesome CBD

I love this high quality of this cbd! It feels so nice 🙂

Relaxing AF

Taste isn't that great but it does the job well.

Came quickly

It came quickly, but instead of being all 30 together it was 6 different packs of 5.

Love it

My daughter and I both use the Oil. It is working well for both us. The only issue is the syringe like apparatus which is difficult for her to use. She has some learning disabilities and just can’t figure it out😩

Love these daily gummies

These gummies have great flavor and are a great addition to my morning routine. Perfect for daily use.

Coffee and Tea

Smooth full bodied coffee and love the mint tea. Sudeley helps with sleep and mild neurological (twitching) issues. Easy to place an order and super fast delivery. Highly recommend COBYDA!!

Really relaxing

I’ve used the gummies for a while now and I find that they really do take the edge off of my anxiety and gives me on overall sense of calm. I would recommend these to someone in my family or friends who needs help relaxing a little bit.

Great product

Outstanding customer service and great quality. Very happy with my purchase

Terp Toads

I was very happy with my purchase.I will order again.

Love this honey, mild flavor, perfect to add to my tea. Looking forward to adding this to a recipe in place of standard grocery store honey.

Melted gummies

The gummy bears were melted upon arrival but I threw them in the fridge & it tasted great and helped me relax on my 4 hour flight.

Fruit bites

Great product, great value. Flavor is mediocre, but otherwise a great product.


Great product...will purchase more as needed


Excellent quality

Best customer service ever

Cobyda not only has amazing customer service but the product is quality and effective. I use the Elixinor CBD oil daily and I will be a repeat customer. You guys rock

CBD Infused Coffee

Smooth, full bodied. Delicious!

Great Product

I have been using it for 3 weeks. I have a very stressful job and life. I have noticed clearer thinking, better focus and the edge is off my anxiety.

Wonderful, smooth full bodied coffee.

Good for cheap capsule

Always a solid fallback plan for when the good ones are out, Thank you for the cheaper options as well as the primary more expensive ones. These still do the trick, not as well as the more expensive ones obviously! But still a hell of a capsule

One of a kind CBD!

Natural relief for my anxiety, muscle pain, & headaches. I’ve used Süthe for 5 months and it has replaced anxiety meds and pain meds. Highly recommend!

Evo Hemp CBD Oil Tincture

Changed my life!

This CBD oil changed my life in a little under 36 hours. My energy, sleep, and blood sugar issues altered dramatically from Friday night to Sunday morning. I have been using for 9 months now, and I have never felt better.

CBD tea

Very effective

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CBD Vape Oil

I chose the grapevine flavored and haven't looked back - I've struggled with sleepless nights for years, and now? I sleep like a baby. Thank you Cobyda! 😍

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Brothers Apothecary CBD Capsules

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