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Though they do not give you the psychoactive effects of cannabis, CBD tinctures have dozens of positive uses. CBD oil tinctures consist of liquid extract of CBD infused into alcohol or oil ingested sublingually (under the tongue.) CBD tinctures contain no THC and are sourced from hemp, so they are legal to possess and consume in the U.S. Tinctures have many benefits. For one, they are easy to carry in a pocket or purse so you can dose regularly throughout the day. Additionally, CBD tinctures are highly concentrated, which can intensify the active ingredient’s effects. And taking tincture sublingually allows it to work much more quickly than through the digestive system. Tinctures also give people who don’t wish to smoke for various reasons a smoke-free alternative that’s lower in calories than edibles. Finally, tinctures have a much longer shelf life than other cannabis products, sometimes by several years.